Tuesday, 22 December 2009

London's Islington Academy 21st December 2009

London today.
We woke up real early and started the day at 6 music with Shaun Keaveny.
Shaun is safe.
We were playing at the Islington Academy.
We had snow for the second day in a row, Christmas is upon us.
So we went for some traditional ale.
The other boys went for traditional ale too.
Maggot had just got up so he had a beer and some breakfast.
It was 6 pm.
Then we went to rock the party.
Billy's brother D.C.I. Burnside was in the house.
And doctor Cum showed up too.
This dude had the best T shirt in the world so I swapped it for one of ours
Nick came down and Milly is still off the junk.
It was a great day out.
Big G came on stage with us, he is the king.
Then Eggsy and I went to Talk Sport to be on the Ian Collins show. 
They got us chips.

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