Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sheffield 7th December 2009

We woke up in Sheffield today.
Maggot decided he was going to have a wine and cheese evening. The Christmas joy really was setting in.
We were playing Sheffield's Academy 2.
I put up the christmas tree.
And some of the other boys went to an office block to have a go on a huge Helter Skelter.
Grayham went first.
And Billy said being drunk had made it even better.
Eggsy and me did an interview for the University TV station.
And then it was time to get on the stage.
This is the lovely crowd we had in.
We even had a robot come on stage with us, he did look a bit smashed up.
After the gig we went to meet some of the crowd. Apparently this guy looks just like Maggot
There were some good heads in tonight.
Later that night we went to a pub up the other end of town and enjoyed a few glasses of ale.
Adam got on the hard stuff.
Next stop Birmingham.

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